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Here is an excerpt from a sample white paper prepared here at JRW.

(Disclaimer: The product “Young Again” is a complete fabrication. Please do not look for it at your favorite cosmetics counter!)


InnerCirque/Herbaticals Division

Young Again™—The ultimate face cream


Throughout history, women have searched for the ultimate face cream. They want a product that makes their skin softer and dewier, something that corrects dark spots, evens skin tone and makes the complexion look flawless. Above all they want a face cream that takes years off their appearance, is safe to use, free of allergic reaction and capable of providing the results they desire for a lifetime.

The natural cosmetics team at InnerCirque Herbaticals has developed a dynamic new product, Young Again™, which delivers these results and more. The product was previewed in November, 2011, at the 23rd Annual Scientific Cosmetology Conference in Geneva, Switzerland, to international acclaim. Young Again was presented with the SCC’s 2011 Arlyss. Named for the organization’s late founder, and given for excellence in scientific innovation, the Arlyss is one of the cosmetics industry’s most coveted awards.

Years of research went into the development of Young Again. It is interesting to note that history played an important role in helping us determine the components of this unique face cream. Our proprietary formula contains natural plant derivatives known to the ancients, which, when combined with elements available through modern science, resulted in the creation of a product that is years ahead of any face cream offered by any competitor, at any price. In addition to its unrivaled anti-aging properties, it is easily absorbed into the skin, non-greasy, non-allergenic and fragrance free.

This white paper provides comprehensive information about the new product, including composition details, innovative features and benefits to the consumer.


Research for Young Again began in 2003, when an Egyptian retail customer approached InnerCirque Herbaticals with a request for an improved moisturizer. Employees at the customer’s large outlet in Cairo had received a number of requests for a cream or lotion that could help skin better withstand the ravaging effects of a hot, dry climate and desert wind.  Energized by the challenge, our company put together an elite R&D team of scientists experienced in working with botanical ingredients. Within 15 months, the group had gathered the background information and proposed ingredients necessary to begin formal laboratory testing.

The team’s initial work happened to coincide with an archaeological discovery involving an item used by the women of Roman Britain 10,000 years ago. In 2004, during a dig in south London, a small tin canister was unearthed, a still-tightly sealed pot of face cream made from animal fat, starch and tin oxide. Biogeochemist Richard Evershed told BBC News, “It’s got this tin-oxide component which looks like it is a pigment — it’s an inert material and when you rub it on your skin it goes white.” He added, “They [the Romans] probably had years of observation and experimentation, mixing materials together to alter their properties.”

When the tin, sealed for more than 2,000 years, was opened, the scent was still remarkably strong, like “rotten eggs,” in the opinion of one researcher.