Slow Start?

Sometimes you sit down at your computer and your fingers freeze over the keyboard because writer’s block attacks you first thing. Perhaps you have no clue where to begin on the project you’ve been given. Maybe you’re even having trouble coming up with a title. Not to worry, all writers are faced with this debilitating situation at times, but there are ways to get around it.

Switch gears

Write something else. Ease into the project by setting it aside for a bit. Exercise your mind by writing about your day, some interesting experience you had or a memorable place you visited. If the project is technical in nature, or the subject is dry to the point of putting readers to sleep, try doodling while you think of ways you could brighten it up and make it more readable. I know, doodling is childish. Unprofessional. Who cares? Getting rid of writer’s block sometimes requires unconventional measures.

Take a hike

Leave the computer. Get up and go for a walk. If there isn’t time to actually go outside for some fresh air, do some laps inside the building. Let your mind wander. Whether you can take a 20-minute stroll, or you can only spare five minutes, it will be time well spent in reducing writer’s block to a manageable size.

Frown on the deadline

Finally, don’t let a deadline defeat you. If that’s what is causing your fingers to freeze, take a deep breath, then break your project down into parts. If research is involved, start with that. If actual writing is at the top of your to-do list, choose a section and start there. If you have been pressed into writing service by your employer, remember that there are no rules that say you have to begin at the beginning.

Turn to a professional

Writer’s block isn’t picky, it preys on everyone regardless of the victim’s level of writing ability. However, those of us who write for a living are a little more accustomed to its sneakiness. We are therefore better prepared than the occasional (or accidental) wordsmith to fend off an attack.

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