A leap of faith

As I mentioned on my “About” page, I have moved from Virginia to Florida. It took me months to consider the pros and cons connected with taking this leap of faith—and that’s truly what it was—but once I made the decision to move further south, I put all my energy and effort into the idea. It wasn’t easy, but something that’s worthwhile doing usually isn’t a piece of cake.

Once the movers had packed everything up, my beagle Mary and I left Virginia on a sunny, warm morning feeling both energized and a bit nervous. We took two days for the drive, spending the night in Savannah, GA. We arrived at the motel around nine at night after a fairly uneventful trip with only one horrendous rainstorm to navigate. I had food for Mary but only a few snacks for myself, so I ordered pizza to be delivered. Hunger is good sauce, my mom used to say, and honestly, that was the best!

The next day’s drive was equally uneventful except that there were two horrendous rainstorms—but I didn’t mind. We were in Florida!

I’ve never been busier! Moving is always a busy and fatiguing activity, but when you move from one state to another you practically have to take on a whole new persona. I have a new address, a new phone number, new cable service, new bank—I even have a new car. That wasn’t planned, but due to a ridiculously expensive fix for things that suddenly went wrong with my old car, a replacement made the most financial sense.

Without going into everything that went wrong on the move, and there were lots of hiccups, let me say that I’m happy to be here and to finally be somewhat settled in. And I’m already thinking of the ways I can turn my moving experiences into articles and blogs! The moral of this story is not to fear taking a leap of faith because a challenge well met has its own rewards.

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