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B2B Copy: Creating Sales

Good B2B copy gets your message across with the professional tone required, and as much (or as little) pizzazz as you like. After all, you know your clients best. At JRW, our job is to learn about them. discover their hot buttons, find out what triggers their buying decisions and use our “pen power” to help you close the sale.

You see, no matter the size of your business, or the kinds of widgets or services you offer to other companies, good B2B copy figures prominently in the sales effort.

And writing good copy is what we’re all about.

You might have a small construction firm, a public relations startup or an office supply company with hundreds of employees. But businesses of every description have the same goals: expand territory, attract more customers, increase revenue.

Skill and experience plus bells and whistles

So how about it? Do you need new marketing materials? An updated website? A white paper written?

We can assist you with all that and much more. We’re connected with an amazing group of “business buddies,” professional graphic designers, photographers and others who work with us when the project requires. Most of us work remotely with no overhead to worry about, which guarantees you an affordable rate for excellent work.

Simply put, if you want to make your mark in the business-to-business world, the team at JRW can help you get the word out.

Opening Lines

I am a voracious reader, have been all my life, which is probably why I eventually became a writer. I love opening lines. Good ones draw the reader in, and some are so alluring that you remember them forever.

One opening line I’ve always loved is the beginning of Daphne DuMaurier’s wonderful romantic mystery, Rebecca: “Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again.” I read the book first, then saw the film. Happily, the movie version did not disappoint by straying too far from the image the author had created of a brooding English estate and the mystery attached to the home’s late mistress.

In A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens instantly conveyed the mood surrounding the French revolution when he wrote, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”

Good opening lines are not easy to write; you have to pack a lot of information, emotion or outrageous blarney into a few well-chosen words and make your reader want to find out more. It is a part of writing that the author finds challenging, yet addictive. On some days, a line of ad copy or the first words of a new chapter might flow effortlessly across the computer screen. On other days, the flow might stall, then trickle to a complete halt.

At James River Writing, I try to make opening lines the very best they can be, no matter what kind of message they are meant to introduce.

So what’s my own opening line? It’s very simple:

Helping you get the word out.